FAQ: How To Do Research

Q: How to do research?

A: You need to start off with an experimentation or simulation, survey or data analysis. It is a good idea to collect the data, summarize it and work to report the results. It is good to write a report as soon as you come across a good finding. A finding written down now and then can help you collect several ones very soon. You will get more ideas on your research by talking to your family and friends about it rather than keeping everything to yourself. Discussion sure opens up several ideas and opinions.

Q: What are the mistakes committed while doing a research?

A: A pretty common mistake committed during a research is to plan, think and read. Abstract difficulties are different that you might have thought won’t be similar to the real ones. Research involves several components but all are not important. There might not be time to answer a question but you can still add that if the question is good enough.

Q: How to do Qualitative Research?

A: Qualitative research involves collecting data in an unstructured manner. Observation is one such manner of data collection. For doing a qualitative research, first decide on a question for research, do background review, choose a methodology suitable for you to use, collect all the data you feel are relevant through surveys, interviews etc., analyze the data found and finally prepare you report.

Q: How to make research paper longer?

A: In order to make a research paper longer, you need to do more research and use different ways to find information. Visit the library and utilize the periodicals and books. Try to explore an argument from different sides. Add as much detail as you can, ask questions like who, when and what. Add trivia to make your paper interesting to the reader. If you have generous professors then utilize their generosity to the fullest when it comes to margins, fonts and so on.

Q: What are the ways of checking the quality of a research?

A: A very important way to see if the research is a good one is to check its validity. You need to see if the research is valid to the study, if it questions the aspects of the study or not. Some questions might not have an answer but that is not an issue as long as the question is worth mentioning.

Q: How to conduct a market research?

A: A market research needs to “figure out about the market”. It should target the needs of various markets, market trends, the competitors, the satisfaction of the customers with the products and the services. A market research needs to make sure to find out the needs of the consumers and how to meet those needs.

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